agriOpenLink: Expected Effects

The agriculture today is facing many challenges related to the quantity and quality of products, resources used, and environmental sustainability. The advancements in information and communication technology, including robotic technology, data communication technology, data processing technology, knowledge and data mining, user interaction technology, and artificial intelligence can bring immense improvements to the production processes in general and agricultural processes in particular.

The project agriOpenLink targets optimization of production processes in agriculture, and fast creation of ICT application to support new processes, which have as the high-level goal the sustainability in the use of resources, reduction of the impact on the environment, better quality of the food, improvement of the quality of work and working conditions for the working force.

Expected Effects

  • improvement of the expertise and the process knowledge for the working force hence higher employment competitiveness
  • improvement of the conditions for the farm animals, hence better effects of prevention and lower costs of treatments
  • lower use of fuel and better efficiency of machinery, hence lower total cost and better use of man power.
  • Better utilization of process data hence improvement of the process knowledge and opening the potential for optimizing resources for high quality of agricultural products benefitting the whole society